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    a11y: Compute the label for a GtkATContext · 21482e82
    Emmanuele Bassi authored
    The ARIA spec defines the mechanism for determining the name of an
    accessible element—see §4.3 of the WAI-ARIA spec.
    We follow the specification as much as it makes sense for GTK to do
     1. if the element is hidden, return an empty string
     1. if the element has a labelled-by relation set, retrieve the
        label of the related element
     2. if the element has a label property set, use the value of
        the property
     3. if neither labelled-by nor label attributes are set, we use
        the role to compute the name:
       - for a `range` role, we return the contents of the value of
         the `value-text` or `value-now` properties
       - for any other role, we return a textual representation of
         the GtkAccessibleRole enumeration value
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