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    make "Default" label of default input method localizable. use translations · 156e978f
    Hidetoshi Tajima authored
    Thu May 29 09:34:05 2003  Hidetoshi Tajima  <hidetoshi.tajima@sun.com>
            * gtk/gtkimmodule.c (_gtk_im_module_list): make "Default"
            label of default input method localizable.
            * gtk/gtkimmulticontext.c (gtk_im_multicontext_append_menuitems):
            use translations of input method context names
            * modules/input/imam-et.c, modules/input/imcyrillic-translit.c,
              modules/input/iminuktitut.c, modules/input/imthai-broken.c,
              modules/input/imti-er.c, modules/input/imti-et.c
              modules/input/imviqr.c, modules/input/imxim.c
            use GETTEXT_PACKAGE instead of "gtk+" for domain name.
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