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    gdk: always populate GDK_AXIS_{X,Y} in merged event history · 0c448518
    hemidark authored
    Since GdkTimeCoord stores only axis values, prior to this change,
    if a device didn't report GDK_AXIS_X or GDK_AXIS_Y, the history
    attached to merged motion events wouldn't contain any positional
    Commit 60122760 already addressed
    this issue for devices without tools by storing the event position
    in GdkTimeCoord using GDK_AXIS_X and GDK_AXIS_Y and augmenting the
    GdkTimeCoord's axis bitmask accordingly.
    This change generalizes that workaround to all devices. Note that
    if a device DOES report values for GDK_AXIS_X and GDK_AXIS_Y, those
    values won't be overwritten.
    Closes #4809