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    update keyboard shortcuts · 7f0dd7f6
    Paolo Bacchilega authored
    2005-12-24  Paolo Bacchilega  <paobac@cvs.gnome.org>
            * doc/C/gthumb.xml: update keyboard shortcuts
            * src/rotation-utils.h:
            * src/rotation-utils.c:
            * src/dlg-photo-importer.c (adjust_orientation__step):
            * src/gth-fullscreen.c (monitor_update_files_cb):
            allow to rotate images in fullscreen mode.
    2005-12-23  Paolo Bacchilega  <paobac@cvs.gnome.org>
            * src/gth-browser.c (key_press_cb):
            * src/gth-fullscreen.c (viewer_key_press_cb):
            * src/gth-viewer.c (viewer_key_press_cb): use [ ] to do lossless
            rotation. r e to rotate the image without saving.
            Fixes bug #319467  Add keyboard shortcut to Lossless JPEG rotation.
            * src/gth-browser.c (gth_browser_notify_files_created): check
            parent_dir before using it.
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