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    White space layout update in snap_to_mebibyte/cylinder() (#48) · e3b0558f
    Mike Fleetwood authored
    The previous commit moved the code from GParted_Core to
    Dialog_Base_Partition class without making a single formatting change to
    ensure the code was guaranteed to work the same within that larger
    commit.  Now reformat the code to current layout standards.  Making it a
    separate commit simplifies the effort for both changes and improves
    Additionally to be sure there were no code changes,
    Dialog_Base_Partition.cc was compiled to assembler code with and without
    this change applied and the resultant assembler code compared.  There
    were no differences in the generated assembler code.
    Start with the make generated g++ command for compiling
    Dialog_Base_Partition.o; (1) remove the '-g' flag as inserted debugging
    directives do differ; and (2) replace '-c -o Dialog_Base_Partition.o'
    with '-S -o Dialog_Base_Partition.s' to produce assembler output instead
    of object code.
    Closes #48 - Error when moving locked LUKS-encrypted partition
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