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Reduce the time taken by the GitLab CI jobs

Mike Fleetwood requested to merge mfleetwo/gparted:faster-ci-jobs into master

Hi Curtis,

Here's a merge request that parallelises building GParted in all the GitLab CI jobs. Here is the saving from a single example test run from before and after:

                 Before   After
pipeline         #18622   #18692
Pipeline time    43:33    29:01  (mm:ss)
Individual jobs
- centos_build    5:14     2:56
- ubuntu_build    7:49     2:57
- centos_test     9:51     7:31
- ubuntu_test    20:37    15:36
                 -----    -----
Sum job time     43:31    29:00

Unfortunately a parallelised make distcheck -j $nproc fails so only building with make -j $nproc is faster in the test jobs. Therefore the test jobs will still be quite long. I've pushed one commit at a time so you can see the pipeline results with this failure against the first commit, with the second commit correcting this.

I suspect the Ubuntu jobs are longer than the CentOS jobs because Ubuntu has a much later version of gcc (gcc 7.3 for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS compared to gcc 4.8 for CentOS 7) which I assume does a lot more optimisation and checking making it much slower.

Thanks, Mike

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