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Whole device FAT32 file system reports device busy warning from mlabel

Mike Fleetwood requested to merge mfleetwo/gparted:whole-fat-warning into master

On all of my development VMs, having a whole device FAT32 file system very nearly always shows a partition warning with this message:

plain floppy: device "/dev/sdb" busy (Resource temporarily unavailable): Cannot initialize '::'
mlabel: Cannot initialize drive

occasionally the warning isn't triggered. After a quick test with a few other file systems, they don't appear to be affected. The cause is triggered udev events which are changing /dev entries for the whole disk device exactly when mlabel is trying to read the label. For the other file system types the timing never seems to clash. Confirmed this with GParted 1.0.0 and as far back as 0.19.1 (which is as early as I have already built).


This is the same kind of thing as was found in these previous bug reports:

Except those were when applying operations, and this is when scanning devices as part of the refresh.

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