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    Makefile.introspection: use $^, simplifying non-srcdir builds · 3e0b443c
    Dan Winship authored and Johan Dahlin's avatar Johan Dahlin committed
    In the .gir-building rule, use "$^" to refer to the source files,
    since that automatically looks in both $(srcdir) and $(builddir). This
    is particularly important since certain generated files will be in
    $(builddir) when building from git, but in $(srcdir) when building
    from tarballs
    If you were previously prefixing $(srcdir) to the Foo_gir_FILES
    members by hand, you should stop now.
    (Also, removed the dependencies on $(INTROSPECTION_SCANNER) and
    $(INTROSPECTION_COMPILER) for the .gir/.typelib rules, since the
    scanner one was broken anyway, and we don't have that kind of
    dependency for other rules (eg, making .o files depend on