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    Handle oafinfo.in · af769d68
    Michael Meeks authored
    2000-05-01  Michael Meeks  <michael@helixcode.com>
    	* configure.in: Handle oafinfo.in
    	* src/sheet-object.c (sheet_set_mode_type_full): oafize.
    	* src/sheet-object-container.c (sheet_object_container_new_from_goadid):
    	* src/sheet.c (sheet_insert_object): always launch via.
    	bonobo_object_activate regardless of monikers.
    	* idl/Gnumeric.idl: add a comment telling people to look elsewhere if
    	they want to write bonobo components.
    	* src/workbook.c (insert_object_cmd): update for oaf.
    	* src/main.c (gnumeric_main): Check for NULL ctx, on corba failure.
    	* src/corba-args.c (gnumeric_arg_parse): NULL ctx.
    	* src/corba-workbook-factory.c (_WorkbookFactory_init): update to
    	use od_server_register.
    	(WorkbookFactory_create_object): use Bonobo_stringlist not GNOME_stringlist,
    	when was this last compiled ...
    	* src/corba-args.c (gnumeric_arg_parse): update for OAF.
    	* acconfig.h: USING_OAF
    	* configure.in: ditto.
    2000-05-01  Michael Meeks  <michael@helixcode.com>
    	* HACKING: make it more explicit.
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