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    Add scrolled window · b6e8a273
    Jon K Hellan authored
    2000-02-14  Jon K Hellan  <hellan@acm.org>
            * src/dialogs/import.glade: Add scrolled window
    	* src/file.c (workbook_read, workbook_import, workbook_save_as,
    	workbook_save): Use error message template.
    	* src/command-context.h (struct _CommandContext): Add
    	template_list member.
    	(struct CommandContextClass): Call message parameter to methods
    	(command_context_push_template, command_context_pop_template):
    	* src/command-context.c (command_context_push_template): New
    	function. Push a printf template for error messages to stack.
    	(command_context_pop_template): New function. Pop current template
    	from stack.
    	(format_message): New function. Format a message using template on
    	(gnumeric_error_plugin_problem, gnumeric_error_read,
    	gnumeric_error_save): Use format_message.
    	* src/command-context-corba.c (ccc_error_plugin_problem,
    	ccc_error_read, ccc_error_save): Call message parameter
    	* src/command-context-gui.c (ccg_error_plugin_problem,
    	ccg_error_read, ccg_error_save): Ditto.
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