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    Added "overwrite_files" field. · e06c7615
    Chyla Zbigniew authored
    * src/file-priv.h (struct _GnumFileSaver):
    Added "overwrite_files" field.
    * src/file.h (gnum_file_saver_set_overwrite_files): New function.
    * src/file.c
    (gnum_file_saver_init): Initialize overwrite_files (set to TRUE).
    (gnum_file_saver_save): Report an error and abort saving if file with
    given name already exists and overwrite_files == FALSE.
    * src/plugin-service.h (struct _PluginServiceFileSaver):
    Added "overwrite_files" field.
    * src/plugin-service.c (plugin_service_file_saver_read,
    gnum_plugin_file_saver_new): Handle overwrite_files flag.
    * src/xml-io.c (gnumeric_xml_read_workbook):
    Use fstat to get file size. Corrected error message.
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