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    : csv_page_custom_toggled was called twice, removed one. · 39d5acca
    Almer. S. Tigelaar authored
    2000-02-21 Almer. S. Tigelaar.  <almer1@dds.nl>
    	* src/dialogs/dialog-stf-csv-page.c :
    	(csv_page_prepare) : csv_page_custom_toggled was called twice, removed one.
    	* src/stf.c, src/dialogs/dialog-stf.c, src/dialogs/dialog-stf-main-page.c,
    	* src/dialogs/dialog-stf-csv-page.c, src/dialogs/dialog-stf-fixed-page.c,
    	* src/dialogs/dialog-stf-format-page.c, src/dialogs/dialog-stf-preview.c
    	Fixed incorrect comments and added function comment headers where they
    	didn't exist. Also moved some includes.
    	* src/dialogs/dialog-stf.h
    	Removed TEXT_VOFFSET, because it is no langer required.
    	* src/dialogs/dialog-stf-preview.h
    	Changed the colours to match the current gnumeric sheet selection color
    	* src/dialogs/dialog-stf-format-page.c
    	(format_page_collist_select_row) : Makes selected row visible
    	(format_page_prepare) : Corrected minor error which caused the format entry to stay empty
    	* src/dialogs/dialog-stf.glade, src/dialogs/dialog-stf.c, src/dialogs/dialog-stf.h
    	Completely removed the "finish" page of the druid.
    	* src/dialogs/dialog-stf.glade, src/stf-parse.h, src/stf-parse.c
    	Fixed support for colon and added support for new separator
    	symbols : semicolon, pipe, slash, hyphen, bang.
    	separators are now also displayed on the csv page.
    	* src/stf-parse.c
    	(stf_parse_get_colcount) : last line wasn't counted
    	(stf_parse_get_colwidth) : idem
    	* src/stf.h :
    	Removed obsoleted FileSource_t struct type definition.
    	* src/stf.c :
    	(stf_read_workbook) : Detach sheet on parse error.
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