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    New header file. (init_value_type): New prototype. Smob structure. · 240e73df
    Ariel Rios authored
    2000-11-06  Ariel Rios  <ariel@arcavia.com>
    * smob-value.h: New header file.
    (init_value_type): New prototype.
    * smob-value.c (SCM_Value): Smob structure.
    (make_value): Creates a new SCM object instance.
    (mark_value): Guile uses this functions to each created
    instance of this type to the GC.
    (free_value): Guile apply this instance where no new pointers
    to the instance can be found.
    (print_value): Write a printed representation of object.
    (equalp_value): Compares to value_smob
    (init_value_type): Inits the new value smob in Guile
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