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    Fix column mangling in fixed width import. · f1ab3f8d
    Almer. S. Tigelaar authored
    2000-07-04  Almer. S. Tigelaar.  <almer1@dds.nl>
    	* src/dialogs/dialog-stf.c, src/dialogs/dialog-stf-fixed-page.c :
    	Fix column mangling in fixed width import.
    	* src/dialogs/dialog-stf-format-page.c :
    	Fix USB (==Ugly Selection Bug).
    	* src/stf-parse.c, src/stf-parse.h :
    	(stf_parse_options_fixed_autodiscover) : New!
    	Column autodiscovery for fixed width.
    	* src/dialogs/dialog-stf.glade :
    	Add clear and autodiscovery buttons
    	* src/dialogs/dialog-stf-fixed-page.c :
    	(fixed_page_autodiscover) : Autodiscovery routine.
    	(fixed_page_clear_clicked) : Clear click handler
    	(fixed_page_auto_clicked) : Autodiscovery click handler
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