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    Miguel de Icaza authored
    1999-01-04  Miguel de Icaza  <miguel@nuclecu.unam.mx>
    	* src/sheet.c (sheet_rename): New routine.
    	* src/workbook.c (workbook_attach_sheet): Use a EditableLabel for
    	the notebook tab.
    	(workbook_rename_sheet): New routine.
    	* src/widget-editable-label.c:  New widget.  This is a label that
    	can be edited if you double click on it.  This uses the same trick
    	of the gnome-icon-item to provide the editing facilities.
    1999-01-03  Miguel de Icaza  <miguel@nuclecu.unam.mx>
    	* src/workbook.c (workbook_setup_status_area): Use the style font,
    	not "fixed".
    	(workbook_setup_status_area): One hack down.  Use GTK_ANCHOR_NW to
    	achieve the same effect I had with my previous hack.
    	* src/dialog-cell-comment.c (dialog_cell_comment): New file.
    	Implements the cell comment dialog box.
    	* src/cell.c (cell_relocate): Only call cell_comment_reposition is
    	there is a cell comment bound to this cell.
    	* src/format.c (format_value): No format means "General" format as
    	If the value has decimal numbers use "0.00##########" for the
    	formatting instead of 0.00.
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