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gs-overview-page: Support a second category flowbox for addons

Philip Withnall requested to merge pwithnall/gnome-software:1384-addons into main

This will be for less important categories, such as add-on categories, which won’t have custom styling.

Currently, the addons are mixed into the Create and Work categories, and this doesn’t work very well — the addons are hard to find due to there being a small number of them mixed in with a large number of other apps. A lot of fonts start with ‘a’ so end up monopolising the top of the alphabetic list of software. Instructing someone to open the ‘Work’ category to browse for hardware drivers is confusing.

A following commit will rearrange the category map to separate the addons out again.

Signed-off-by: Philip Withnall

Helps: #1384 (closed)

Closes #1384 (closed)

Edited by Philip Withnall

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