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gs-details-page: Add ‘community built’ tile and links

Add the ‘community built’ tile and links from

This also rearranges the header a little to match the new designs, but only to the extent needed to re-home some of the old information from the details grid, such as the app developer name. The rest of the redesign of the header needs to be done in a separate MR.

This also goes some of the way towards completing #1285 (closed), removing some of the incorrect whitespace. Fixing that issue fully may require further work though.

This MR is based on !845 (merged) since the icon additions to the resource file conflict otherwise. The commits to review here are the ones from “icons: Add some more icons needed by the updated details page” onwards.

Open questions:

  • What should be done when the app is not FOSS? Currently, this MR hides the ‘community built’ tile. If we want to show something else instead, that will need designing.
  • Should the ‘Community Built’ label really have a green foreground colour? That’s what the design shows, but it doesn’t have great contrast in dark mode and I’m not sure it adds anything (given that the lozenges above are green anyway).

Helps: #1111 (closed), #1285 (closed)

Edited by Philip Withnall

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