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gs-app-context-bar: Add a new context tile bar widget and use it

This mostly implements the new context tile design for the details page.

It’s ready for review, and almost ready to be merged.

It currently doesn’t implement the following, which I think are best left to follow-up merge requests due to the amount of work needed to plumb them in to the appdata:

  • Descriptive text for the storage tile, as we don’t have a breakdown of how space is used by an app yet.#1304 (closed)
  • The hardware tile, as we don’t have details of what hardware is needed. Now implemented in !796 (merged) as a follow-up to this.
  • The dialogues which appear when you click on a tile.

The following still do need to be done before this can be merged:

  • Icons are needed; I picked the closest ones I could find from the icon theme, but some of them don’t match the designs, and there is no suitable hardware icon in the icon theme at all.
  • Colours may need tweaking; I had to choose new colours for the content rating lozenge, as that wasn’t covered in the design.
  • The high contrast CSS might need to be tweaked a bit for the lozenges. I don’t know what to aim for with that. So far, I’ve just tweaked the border colours in the high contrast theme (compared to the normal Adwaita theme).

It takes special care to list the content rating descriptions correctly for the chosen content rating (reusing the code from !531 (merged)). In particular, I’ve tested the content rating descriptions for apps: Inkscape, Sudoku, Hedgewars and EDuke32, with LANG=en_GB and LANG=en_CA (so two different content rating schemes are used).

I’ve tested the branch:

  • With a dark theme
  • In RTL mode
  • With the high contrast theme
  • And have added accessibility relations

Signed-off-by: Philip Withnall

Helps: #1111 (closed) Fixes: #1120 (closed), #1144 (closed)

Edited by Philip Withnall

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