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Implement new featured apps carousel

This implements the new carousel design from #1131 (closed). There are a few things from the design I could not do, which we will need to do as part of review, or later (I’ll file a follow-up issue when this is merged):

  • Rounded corners on the carousel (couldn’t get the CSS for it to work) (I suggest not blocking review on this)
  • Spacing/Padding/General measurements (would be good to get this fixed as part of review)
  • In practice, the app icons are always 128px (rather than being 160px when space allows) as that’s what apps provide — it may be possible to change this, but would require slightly bigger changes within g-s which should happen as a follow-up

Apart from that, it should match the mockups. I’ve tested in dark mode (it’s OK but not great), RTL, accessibility, keynav.

Background (‘key’) colour extraction from the app’s icon uses the existing g-s code for this, which could potentially be improved. It doesn’t, for example, cleverly choose the dominant colour which has the most appropriate saturation and lightness. It will likely give poor results for some apps. I’d like to defer fixing that to follow-up work, as it doesn’t affect the widget design, and could be a bit involved.

This should not be merged without UI freeze break approval. I have requested that here: Teams/Releng/freeze-breaks#13 (closed). Marking as a draft until then.

Closes #1131 (closed)

Edited by Philip Withnall

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