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Add GsPluginJobInstallApps and port installing apps to the new threading model

This is an alternative to the first few commits from !1875. It’s an update of a WIP branch I had from a year ago which I very sadly never got time to finish and submit at the time, hence the collision. I believe it’s a more thorough set of changes (for app installation) than the commits from !1875, though, as it:

  • Supports installing multiple apps at once
  • Refactors the PackageKit installation process to heavily parallelise it
  • Refactors the flatpak installation process to install multiple apps in a single transaction
  • Improves progress reporting

I’ll follow up from this with an MR for GsPluginJobUninstallApps, and then start splitting out the following commits from !1875 and rebasing them on this work.

Signed-off-by: Philip Withnall

Helps: #1472

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