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Draft: Backport !1745 "Resolve "Loading Updates "This could take a while" runs for 30 minutes"" to gnome-44

Trivial backport of !1745 (merged) to gnome-44. This is needed for backporting !1751 (merged) to gnome-44. This needs !1765 (merged).

Note: Due to translation issues, the patch has been modified as below. This is not an issue, as backporting !1751 (merged) will remove this new code anyway.

--- a/src/gs-app-details-page.c
+++ b/src/gs-app-details-page.c
@@ -197,7 +197,7 @@ set_update_description (GsAppDetailsPage *self,
                } else {
                        g_autoptr(GsPluginJob) plugin_job = NULL;
-                       update_details = _("Loading update description, please wait…");
+                       update_details = "…";
                        /* to not refine the app again, when there is no description */
                        gs_app_set_update_details_text (self->app, NULL);
Edited by Sid

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