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gs-details-page: Refresh buttons and progress when a job is added/removed

Use the new watch functions in GsJobManager to refresh the buttons and progress for the details page’s app when a job related to that app is added or removed from the job manager.

Eventually this will replace watching things like the app’s pending-action property, since that’s limited to a single pending action.

This change is needed now because it’s possible for the app’s state to be updated by an ongoing GsPluginJobUpdateApps for the last time, before the job completes. This means that the existing signal handlers call gs_details_page_app_has_pending_action() for the last time while it’s still going to return true (due to the not-yet-completed job).

Watching for job completion means we can update the UI again after the job has completed.

Signed-off-by: Philip Withnall

Helps: #1929 (closed)

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