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packagekit: Update package installed check to use new manual and auto statuses

This cherry-picks a commit made in Ubuntu's community store-repo Community/Ubuntu/gnome-software@fe4703a9

The apt backend replaced the "installed" status with "auto" or "manual" in:

Without this change using when using PackageKit >= 1.2.5 .deb packages are not able to be uninstalled.

Fixes #1720 (closed) but for the gnome-41 oldstable branch.

I have tested this on ubuntu 22.04 which has in its repos the GNOME 41 version of gnome-software.

Testing included:

  1. installing VLC from the deb repo
  2. uninstalling VLC via the GS delete ICON
  3. installing VLC from the flatpack repo
  4. uninstalling VLC via the GS delete ICON

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