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gs-app-query: Add a provides-tag property and use it to replace gs_plugin_add_search_what_provides()/GS_PLUGIN_ACTION_SEARCH_PROVIDES

See the commit messages for details. This replaces gs_plugin_add_search_what_provides()/GS_PLUGIN_ACTION_SEARCH_PROVIDES with new GsAppQuery:provides-tag and GsAppQuery:provides-stype properties and use of GsPluginJobListApps.

Most of the changes here are very straightforward and very similar to the previous additions to GsAppQuery. The only one to note is the change to the rpm-ostree plugin, which didn’t yet have a list_apps_async() vfunc implementation, so I had to add that from scratch.

Signed-off-by: Philip Withnall

Helps: #1472

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