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WIP: theme: SASS restructuring, theme fixes and design updates

Sam Hewitt requested to merge wip/snwh/sass-cleanup into master

This merge request aims to complete a few goals:

1. Improve the structure and organization, by:

  • rewriting the SASS to be modular; makes editing and finding style definitions for specific parts of the shell easier
  • make use of more SASS variables so there's fewer values to track
  • nest classes as much as possible as to mimic it's UI structure

2. Include fixes or add support for the dual color variations (i.e. light and dark)

  • where needed, insert all the needed $variant == 'light' styles

3. Iron out some long-standing but minor visual bugs

  • popovers > menus: refinements to menuitems' padding and borders
  • sliders: fixes issues with the borders and legibility of the handle

4. Tackle some of the design goals for the shell that can be achieved in CSS

Calendar Redesign

  • redesigned Calendar popover
  • updated and richer notifications
  • general consistency of elements


Search Redesign

Edited by Sam Hewitt

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