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Add disable-animations hueristics

Previously a thing gnome-settings-daemon did via gsd-xsettings.

All heuristics are more or less reimplemented:

  • Software rendered shell disables animations
  • A shell running inside Xvnc disables animations
  • An active remote desktop session that asked for animations to be disabled, disables animations

The last point is slightly different from what gsd-xsettings did; the Xsettings plugin had hard coded support for the Vino VNC server by listening on D-Bus names. Now instead it's part of the org.gnome.Mutter.ScreenCast/RemoteDestop API to allow any remote desktop or screen cast application to inhibit animations while its session is active.

The decision whether to enable or not is exposed via the AnimationsEnabled property on org.gnome.Shell.Introspect.

Depends on mutter!838 (merged).

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