OSK: fix French and add French Canada layout

The data/osk-layouts/fr.json file for French contains the wrong keyboard layout. The file actually contains the layout for French Canada, which is a variant of the US English QWERTY layout.

Unlike the French AZERTY layout used in France and Belgium, the Canadian French layout is a true QWERTY and as such is also relatively commonly used by English speakers in the US and Canada (using standard QWERTY keyboards) for easy access to accented letters found in some of the French words commonly used in English.

I extracted the French layout from the Android folder of the CLDR definitions downloaded from www.unicode.org to generate the new correct data/osk-layouts/fr.json file and renamed the old file to data/osk-layouts/fr+ca.json in order to add the French Canada variant.

This fixes issue #475 (closed)

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