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Move away from GTK3

From the last and most involved commit:

build,js: Update to drop GTK3 dependency

There's a few things going on here, that unfortunately must
happen in lockstep:

- The gnome-desktop-3.0 dependency gets replaced by gnome-desktop-4
  and gnome-bg-4. The code in ui/background.js required minor updates.
- The libnma dependency gets replaced by a libnma4 dependency. The
  code in misc/modemManager.js required minor updates.
- The gtk3 dependency is torn down everywhere but tests. Some
  missing GdkPixbuf dependencies had to be added to compensate for
  its lack.
- gtk_init_check() is no longer called

As a result, we replace a hard gtk3 dependency with a soft gtk4
run-time linking one, only added indirectly through gnome-bg-4
and libnma4.

Before that, a bunch of header cleanups and some further adoption of GTK miscellaneous helpers.

Depends on mutter!2864 (merged), and indirectly on !2590 (merged) / mutter!2779 (merged) and !2656 (merged)

Edited by Carlos Garnacho

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