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First pass of rustifying the styles

This works; the test suite passes and I've been running this for a while on my machine. Obviously no visual changes; the parsers produce the same results as before for the theme.

I think this depends on mutter!951 (closed) to include Rust in the CI image; not sure how you'd like to go about that.

Summary of the changes:

  • There's a new subprojects/stylish git submodule that references that little library.
  • That library provides functions like stylish_parse_font_size(CRTerm *term, ...). The idea is to move the parsers for individual properties to Rust first.
  • There is some refactoring to make things easier; for example, there is now an StPadding struct with top, right, bottom, left fields instead of having a double padding[4] array in StThemeNode. This makes it harder to screw things up with the indices.
  • The parsers in stylish which are standard CSS properties come from librsvg; there are a couple custom ones for the st-* properties. My intention is to actually have librsvg provide a sub-crate that gnome-shell can reuse, but gnome-shell isn't at that point yet.
  • The current parsers have a few changes from St's - see the README for details. For example, color properties also support hsla(...) per CSS3. Shadow properties have a more strict ordering of their fields, per CSS3, too.

Next steps:

  • Finish porting the basic properties. I now have a good workflow for this.
  • Actually load the CSS files in the Rust code, and do cascading there. This code already exists in librsvg.
  • Decide whether to keep gnome-shell's "dynamic" properties, or whether to constrain things to a hardcoded set of property names. E.g. the API that shell extensions use is st_node.gimme_property_of_type_blah("propname"). In turn, StThemeNode walks its properties looking for one called propname, and parses it as an StBlah. I'd like to move to a model where the set of allowed properties is known at compile time, and also their types. We can discuss this; I'm not sure what gnome-shell would prefer in the end.

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