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Draft: Add support for idle doze mode

This add support for an Android like dozing mode:

It depends on this system daemon:

How it works:

  • gsd-power add a RTC wakeup via dozed before entering sleeping
  • on resume, if alarm has not ringed (user device wakeup), it goes to normal idle mode
  • on resume, if alarm has ringed, it waits for dozed maintenance window to finish and then suspends immediately

What is dozed maintenance window ?

  • On resume, application that needs to update their status (IM apps, mail apps, ...) should register a maintenance window with dozed
  • When their task is finished, they release the maintenance window
  • When all maintenance window are released, dozed emit a "MaintenanceFinished" signal

About dozed:

  • it is actually using org.freedesktop namespace
  • should I move it to ?
  • should I use my own custom namespace ?
Edited by Cédric Bellegarde

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