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power: Low power notifications

Allan Day requested to merge aday/gnome-settings-daemon:low-power into master

This is a partial fix for #686 (closed), which changes the notification text. The main goals are to:

  • avoid repetition, such as the identical "battery critically low" headings, and the "shutting down soon" / "about to shutdown"
  • remove ambiguity where possible, such as the "shutting down soon"
  • where possible, prioritise the battery percentage, since this is what actually determines when the notification is shown
  • avoid using the time estimates, since they're often inaccurate

The notifications currently look like:


After the MR they look like:


I'd like to change the icons as well, so they look like this:


That could happen separately from this MR, or with it, but it will require someone with more coding skills than me.

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