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    Add systemd user units · 215e654c
    Iain Lane authored
    The structure is like this:
      - gnome-session-wayland.target, gnome-session-x11.target: Top-level
        targets launched directly to start the regular GNOME (Shell) session
        for wayland or x11 respectively.
      - gnome-session@.service: Execute gnome-session-binary tself for the
        specified (template) session. Is active once
        org.gnome.SessionManager is claimed on the bus.
      - gnome-session-bus.target: Bound to gnome-session@.service - if
        something needs to start after any instance of gnome-session@
        starts, it can be After= this one. gnome-settings-daemon uses this.
    We also split out gnome-wayland.desktop.in, as it is going to need to
    launch gnome-session-wayland.target.
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