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    flatpak: Explicitly specify the LibRaw build options · b843015c
    Debarshi Ray authored
    Currently the build detects the presence of the necessary dependencies
    and automatically enables or disables the corresponding options. Unless
    someone is keeping a close eye on the build logs, a change in the
    manifest or the SDK might silently and unexpectedly change the build
    Ideally, the build would fail if a requested option can't be met, to
    draw attention to this unforeseen change.
    Unfortunately, the LibRaw build uses AC_MSG_WARN even for explicitly
    enabled build options. This means that a missing dependency won't fail
    the build even if the option was explicitly requested. While this is
    not ideal, at least listing the options makes it clear what the
    required outcome is. That way someone can manually check the logs from
    time to time and see if it's living up to the requirements.
    The set of build flags have been chosen to match the current reality of
    automatically selected options. Hence, there shouldn't be any
    user-visible change.
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