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    Lots of little fixes so that all the docs build correctly. It is now possible · 3f9fa1fd
    Malcolm Tredinnick authored
    to do 'make distcheck' and have some success.
    Note that there are still some issues with omf files being built or installed
    correctly, but the build process survives those errors, so I'll worry about
    them later.
    	* applets/gen_util/help/es/printer/figures/*:
    	* applets/gen_util/help/es/printer/printer.sgml: moved PNG
    	files here from the parent directory for consistency with other
    	doc dirs. Changed sgml file to use the right images.
    	* applets/gen_util/help/es/mailcheck/figures/mailcheck-applet.png:
    	Added. Required to make build work (and no translation required).
    	* help-browser/help/es/Makefile.am, default-page.html: use the
    	gnome foot image from the 'C' subdir. No need to put a copy in
    	each translation dir.
    	* app-docs.am.template, app-docs.make, applet-docs.make, Makefile.am:
    	Remove these old ways of buiding docs. They have been obsoleted by
    	* Updated various .cvsignore files to ignore generated
    	documentation related files.
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