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    add .directory files to the checked file list as well · 6a9982d3
    Jiri (George) Lebl authored
    Tue Jul 28 03:46:58 1998  George Lebl  <jirka@5z.com>
            * menu.c: add .directory files to the checked file list as well
            * menu.c: "add" button added to menuitems, no longer is there
              an "add app to panel" menu since it can all be done from the
              main menu, this makes it much nicer to add launchers to
              the panel
            * panel.c,menu.c: put the panel menu creation routine into menu.c
            * *.c: don't center dialogs, they now act nicely without it
            * launcher.c,menu.c: add a way to create a new launcher
            * orbit-applet-lib.c,applet-lib.cc,main.c: cookies are now
              per display which should allow two panels to run ...
            * panel-widget.c: very unsuccessful attempt at fixing the geometry
              bugs in the widget, I will have to spend more time on this
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