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    updated teh Makefiles being created · 2d3632b2
    Jiri (George) Lebl authored
    Tue Mar 17 23:26:47 1998  George Lebl  <jirka@5z.com>
            * configure.in: updated teh Makefiles being created
            * Makefile.am: build in applets
            * applets/Makefile.am: build clock
    Tue Mar 17 23:27:31 1998  George Lebl  <jirka@5z.com>
            * clock/clock.c: updated to the corba clock.c
    Tue Mar 17 23:22:50 1998  George Lebl  <jirka@5z.com>
            * clock.c: removed, clock is now in ../applets/clock/
    Tue Mar 17 23:30:04 1998  George Lebl  <jirka@5z.com>
            * gtkplug.[ch], gtksocket.[ch]: removed from panel, they
              are in libgnomeui now
    I think I forgot to commit a few changes .. so a big lump comming up :)
    (btw why does cvs -z9 commit in the root of gnome-core find stuff
    that I didn't touch???)
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