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    Changes needed for the support for timezones in the clock applet. Bug · 5882f3c1
    Vincent Untz authored
    2007-07-05  Vincent Untz  <vuntz@gnome.org>
    	Changes needed for the support for timezones in the clock applet.
    	Bug #88754.
    	* configure.in: check for glade for the clock applet, check for
    	solaris build and add new Makefile
    	* icons/world_map-960.png: new
    	* icons/Makefile.am: add new file
    2007-07-05  Vincent Untz  <vuntz@gnome.org>
    	Add support for timezones. This needs some more work and testing on
    	various OS. I'm not sure the tz.c part work well outside of Linux, eg.
    	Fix bug #88754.
    	* Makefile.am: add new files, and other updates needed for this commit
    	* calendar-window.c: make gconf keys #define
    	(calendar_window_destroy): unref the gconf client
    	* calendar-window.h: small update
    	* clock-utils.[ch]: new file, containing some common code:
    	clock_locale_format() and clock_utils_display_help()
    	* clock.h: small update
    	* clock.c: make gconf keys #define
    	(set_tooltip): kill
    	(update_clock): update the tz popup too with the new time
    	(update_tooltip): use gtk_widget_set_tooltip_text()
    	(destroy_clock): updated
    	(close_on_escape): make a bit more generic
    	(delete_event): ditto
    	(clock_locale_format): moved to clock-utils.c
    	(create_calendar): updated
    	(create_tz): new
    	(position_calendar_popup): updated to be a bit more simple
    	(position_tz_popup): new
    	(present_calendar_popup): killed
    	(update_calendar_popup): renamed from update_popup, close the tz popup
    	if it's open
    	(update_tz_popup): new, based on update_calendar_popup()
    	(toggle_calendar): updated
    	(toggle_timezone): new
    	(toggle_timezone_shown): new
    	(toggle_timezone_hidden): new
    	(create_clock_widget): updated, and added the obox and the tz toggle
    	(applet_change_orient): change obox orientation and the direction of
    	the arrow in the tz toggle
    	(format_changed): updated
    	(gmt_time_changed): updated
    	(show_week_changed): updated
    	(show_tz_changed): new
    	(setup_gconf): add new listener
    	(fill_clock_applet): updated
    	(set_show_zones_cb): new
    	(properties_response_cb): use clock_utils_display_help()
    	(display_properties_dialog): updated for the new checkbox
    	(display_help_dialog): use clock_utils_display_help()
    	* clock.schemas.in: add new show_timezones and timezones/tz_id_list
    	* e-map/*: e-map code, taken from evolution/gnome-system-tools
    	* obox.[ch]: new, stolen from the notification area
    	* tz-list.[ch]: new, handles configuration related to the timezones.
    	* tz-sel-dialog.[ch]: new, a dialog to handle timezone configuration
    	* timezone.glade: new, glade file for the timezone configuration
    	* tz-window.[ch]: new, a popup similar to the calendar popup showing
    	selected timezones
    	* tz.[ch]: new, read timezone information from the OS. It's based on
    	code taken from anaconda/evolution/gnome-system-tools. The data is
    	shared among all instances in the process.
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=10532