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data: Set up D-Bus session services as systemd user services

Simon McVittie requested to merge wip/dbus-services-as-systemd-services into master

This allows them to be managed by systemd --user on systems that use it, meaning they can be manipulated by systemctl --user, placed into a slice for resource management purposes, configured with drop-in configuration in {/etc,/usr/lib}/systemd/user/goa-daemon.service.d/*.conf and so on.

On systems that do not launch dbus-daemon as a systemd --user service, including systems that do not use systemd at all, the SystemdService field is ignored and the dbus-daemon will continue to use the traditional activation mechanism. In this case the GOA services will continue to be child processes of the dbus-daemon.

See also gnome-session#74 (closed).

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