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player ui logic separation

Jean Felder requested to merge wip/jfelder/player-ui-logic-separation into master

Update march 27

  • restore deleted doctstring
  • replace play_next and play_previous with next and previous

Update march 29

  • directly call play instead of set_playback_status in _on_seek_finished
  • merge current-changed and playlist-item-changed into on signal: current-song-changed

Update april 1

  • PlayerToolbar inherits from Gtk.ActionBar
  • use pygi-composite-templates inside PlayerToolbar

Update april 18

  • Use Gtk.Template instead of pygi-composite-templates

Update april 30

  • Move SelectionToolbar to its own file and use Gtk.Template
  • Rename Gtk.Template children for playertoolbar
  • Define pause_image from playertoolbar inside the ui file
  • Rename current-song-changed signal from to song-changed
  • Bump pygboject dependency to handle Gtk.Template
Edited by Jean Felder

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