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'Create a favorite' feature

Sumaid requested to merge Sumaid/gnome-maps:favorite_contextoption into master

New Feature Added: "Context menu will have an option 'Create a favorite' which will ask for the name of favorite in a dialog box, and that location will be stored as a favorite location with the given name."

Files Modified: 1)context-menu.ui 2)contextMenu.js 3)favoriteEditDialog.js(New File) 4)zoominFavoriteDialog.js(New File) 5)org.gnome.Maps.src.gresource.xml 6)zoom-in-favorite-dialog.ui 7)favorite-edit-dialog.ui 8)

New Feature Added: Issue #144 Not all streets/roads have their street numbers defined in OpenStreetMap so, on a back road in the middle of nowhere, you can't create a favorite at an exact location. I suggest to add a "Create favorite" in the context menu when we right-click on a specific point on the map, which would pick the exact GPS coordinate of the point where we right click and create a favorite based on these coordinates.

Overview of the fix: The fix is designed using the OSM edit dialog files as reference.


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