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Map bubble redesign

James Westman requested to merge jwestman/gnome-maps:map-bubble-redesign into master

A near-complete redesign of the map bubbles, including POIs, contacts, and current location.

Screenshot_from_2020-09-29_14-40-12 Screenshot_from_2020-09-29_14-40-34 Screenshot_from_2020-09-29_14-41-24

Some design questions:

  • The POI bubble can get quite tall (see the Musée Mécanique example above). Should less information be shown by default? Originally only the icon, name, and address was shown, with a button to expand the bubble. I removed that; hiding information by default didn't make much sense to me. Another option might be to allow the popover to scroll.
  • I'd like to have a button in the Contacts bubble that opens the Contacts app. Where should that button go?
  • Should there be a Directions button in the Current Location bubble? Currently it opens the routing sidebar with the current location as the starting location.

Implements #275 (closed)

Edited by Marcus Lundblad

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