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    reviewed by: Alex Larsson · 1dac98d4
    Sven Herzberg authored
    2006-04-11  Sven Herzberg  <herzi@gnome-de.org>
            reviewed by: Alex Larsson
    	* Makefile.am: added the reference subdirectory
    	* autogen.sh: enable gtk-doc for developer builds (necessary for dist)
    	* configure.in: check for gtk-doc, set distcheck flags, build the
    	* gnome-keyring.c: documented gnome_keyring_find_items_sync()
    	* reference/Makefile.am: documentation build system
    	* reference/gnome-keyring-docs.sgml: rough documentation framework
    	* reference/gnome-keyring-sections.txt: some documentation
    	categorization (needs to be further split)
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