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    disk-image-mounter: leave mounting to gnome-shell · e11a35d6
    David Zeuthen authored
    With GNOME Shell in GNOME 3.6, only devices mounted/unlocked by the
    shell itself will result in notifications and addition of items to the
    "Removable Devices" icon in the tray area. This is by design and it is
    a good change - see
    for the rationale behind this.
    The change is, however, at odds with how the Disk Image mounter since
    attaching a disk image is very similar to attaching a USB device or
    inserting an optical disc - we want the same user experience for disk
    images. For example, double-clicking the file Fedora17.iso in the file
    manager should be the same as attaching a USB stick branded "Fedora
    17" (you should get a notification with "Open in Boxes" and "Eject"
    buttons). Similarly, double-clicking the file "Armageddon.iso" and
    inserting the DVD disc branded "Armageddeon" should result in the same
    behavior (you get a notification saying "Open in Totem" and "Eject"
    After talking to Cosimo we decided to just change how GVfs works so
    loop devices set up by the user itself (the Loop.SetupByUID property
    from udisks is checked) gets the should_automount flag set to
    TRUE. This change is here
    This change makes gnome-disk-image-mounter a lot simpler since we
    don't have to go through all partitions and mount everything. The
    change also has the benefit that LUKS now work properly on disk
    Signed-off-by: 's avatarDavid Zeuthen <zeuthen@gmail.com>
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