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  • v2021.1
    e346cd4e · Make a release ·
  • v2018.1
    8c2e331d · Release 2018.1 ·
    This release drops the libgsystem dependency, which entailed
    a nontrivial rewrite.
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 99f4558120f1447b1769cfa1cd35e54428792daac3c712f6b5adb6aa3af52754e208fb2718746beb2d5299d09a3dc5ea29ee449a48ff82d2c33d4954052d5ff9
  • v2016.1
    308d61e8 · Release 2016.1 ·
    Release 2016.1
    This release has a notably more convenient command line invocation as
    `ginsttest-runner`.  Thanks to all contributors!
    Colin Walters (3):
      Also install as `ginsttest-runner`
      main: Turn off gvfs
      Create a .testtmp file
    Maxin B. John (1):
      runner: Use automake test output syntax
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 8d0f230576b85bc83a64532951828f6facadd734eab05916364fcdb02d6f58313285235ad8bb738f74cfe1907a0f93c35e12ca85ed1474606b9323cdf0126add
  • v2015.1
    0724bf97 · Release 2015.1 ·
    First release of 2015
    This project has mostly achieved its goals, but this first release in
    2015 has a few fixes and small new useful features.  For example, we
    now print which tests failed at the end of the run.
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 4963703595aadfdb8fa9da8300d47455e5ff4db8ba4ea0f9ed9c540cc485a9a84af78f678160882445a41281fb3c2cf601ed5b99af3916a13df430ce7b1e3364
  • v2014.1
    16546c74 · Release 2014.1 ·
    Release 2014.1
  • v2013.1
    Release 2013.1