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    object-storage: Introduce CcObjectStorage · 083e7bda
    Georges Basile Stavracas Neto authored
    CcObjectStorage is a cache for GObjects. It is meant to
    store objects that are too expensive to be often created,
    such as NMClient, GoaClient or D-Bus proxies.
    CcObjectStorage has a very strict usage pattern. It is a
    programming error to add an object that is already stored,
    and so it is to retrieve an object that was not stored.
    Stored objects are meant to be kept alive during the whole
    lifetime of GNOME Settings, and CcObjectStorage takes a
    reference on every stored object to achieve that.
    If objects are destroyed while they are cached, it means
    we have a reference mismanagement somewhere. In this sense,
    CcObjectStorage will act Sam Sheepdog taking care of sneaky
    wolves trying to steal their sheep-references.
    Next patches will make various panels and objects around
    GNOME Settings adopt this new API, and make sure they always
    disconnect when destroyed.
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