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sharing: Replace vino with gnome-remote-desktop for X11 sessions

Pascal Nowack requested to merge pnowack/gnome-control-center:remove-vino into master

vino does not work in Wayland sessions and gnome-settings-daemon removed vino support in [1] which will effectively not start 'vino-server' any more.
The replacement for vino is gnome-remote-desktop since it works in both Wayland and X11 sessions.
The gnome-remote-desktop sharing panel however is currently only shown for Wayland sessions, which makes it harder to use it for X11 sessions since the user has to login into the Wayland sessions just to be able to enable gnome-remote-desktop.

Therefore, also remove vino from g-c-c and replace it with gnome-remote-desktop for X11 sessions, too.

[1] gnome-settings-daemon!135 (merged)

Closes: #212 (closed)
Closes: #937 (closed)

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