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Handle arbitrary groupings of pads

Carlos Garnacho requested to merge wip/carlosg/ekr-loves-27qhd into master

The main usecase here is #415. We used to rely on libwacom to tell if a stylus and a pad were related in some way. This subtly failed for the EKR, but didn't usually matter as tablets usually have a builtin pad, and we delegate on GNOME Shell to let the user map all grouped pads.

This has a catch, there's tablets with no pad that can be paired to a EKR (eg. Cintiq 27QHD). In that case we "have" a pad, but libwacom alone tells us there's none.

To have this fixed, we would need to track an arbitrary number of pads, and we should check the device groups the same way it is done on the GNOME Shell side. This will ensure those devices get properly paired in the g-c-c UI.

Closes #415

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