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React to security level changes

Christian Kellner requested to merge gicmo/gnome-control-center:i126 into master

React to security level changes. This is not likely to happen, but on special hardware there is a chance the security level might change from unknown to the actual security level. This should be properly handled. Additionally change the message that is displayed in the case that the security level is unknown. Before we were showing the "no thunderbolt" message, which seems not accurate. Now instead we show:


Last but not least, plug a small memory leak.

I am working on a small helper that can simulate that scenario. The code is in this bolt mr: 152 Assuming bolt is installed:

sudo ./bolt-mock
> start

Now start gnome-control-center and hopefully observe the "unknown security" message as shown above. Now simulate adding a thunderbolt controller:

> controller new

Now the normal thunderbolt panel with no devices should be shown.

Closes #126 (closed)

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