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apps: Fix search entry being smaller again

Now that the search entry was put in a GtkSearchBar in [1], the search entry got a bit smaller, breaking a little what [2] fixed.

To fix this, remove the "maximum-size" and the "tightening-threshold" from the AdwClamp that contains the search entry. This will also make the search entry size to be consistent with the one from cc-keyboard-shortcut-dialog, which is also a top child of AdwToolbarView.

[1] cd97e4f5 [2] ec01b9d6

Before After
Screenshot_from_2024-05-20_16-56-49 Screenshot_from_2024-05-20_16-49-59
Screenshot_from_2024-05-20_16-56-40 Screenshot_from_2024-05-20_16-56-25



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