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wacom: Fall back to the generic tablet provided by libwacom

Whether libwacom knows about a tablet has no effect on whether the tablet works, only whether we know how to map it, which styli are available, etc.

Instead of pretending there is no tablet connected let's use the libwacom fallback tablet instead. As of libwacom 2.11 that defaults to a built-in tablet (the vast majority of devices these days) which means we can at least map this to an output, calibrate it etc.

Note: libwacom 2.11 will be released next week (unless I forget 😄) 2.11 has been released now

Arguably this also needs some notification that this is a fallback tablet and we don't quite know what it does. Maybe in the form of the printer panel "Unlock to add printers..." banner? That could point to some wiki page (?) that explains how to get rid of the panel. Suggestions very much appreciated.

This has a link to the (future) gnome-help:


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